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Guided expeditions, fixed departure dates
Normal Route (Horcones Valley) · SEASON 2017/18:

November 26th · December 10th · December 17th · December 24th · December 31st · January 7th · January 14th · January 21st · February 4th · February 18th

PRICE: U$D 3.980

* The date listed corresponds to the first night in Mendoza.

Guided expeditions, fixed departure dates
Polish Traverse (Vacas Valley) · SEASON 2017/18:

December 17th · January 7th · January 28th

PRICE: U$D 3.980

* The date listed corresponds to the first night in Mendoza.

Towering above the surrounding Andean peaks, the summit of Mt. Aconcagua stands at 6,962 m/22,841 ft.

It is the highest mountain in both the Western and Southern Hemispheres, the tallest peak on Earth outside of Asia, and the second of the Seven Summits, after Mt. Everest.

An expedition to this legendary mountain involves:
Hiking winding trails in pristine Andean valleys;
Being part of the international community of mountaineers that gathers at base camps;
Experiencing the unique atmosphere of the highest regions of the Earth with its powerful shapes and colors, and cool, thin air.

Mt. Aconcagua is located in the heart of the Central Andes of Argentina and is part of the Parque Provincial Aconcagua in the Mendoza province.

“We had an incredible trip on Aconcagua, and we absolutely couldn’t have done it without the exceptional service provided by Grajales. Everybody we interacted with, from start to finish, was professional, friendly, and went out of their way to make our trip safe and successful. We got to Mendoza feeling nervous and overwhelmed, and we left three weeks later feeling like part of a family. We’ll be back!”

Charlotte Austin

“I wanted to express my profound gratitude for the amazing experience on Aconcagua that Fernando Grajales Expeditions provided. This expedition was first-class from beginning to end. (…) The facilities in Confluencia and Mulas were excellent and the food typically met restaurant standards, not simply expedition standards. The Grajales staff were always very friendly, accommodating, and professional. (…) F inally, the leadership of our expedition was outstanding. (…) The guides worked incredibly hard getting us up the mountain, providing food and water, and ensuring our best chances for success. Thank you!”

James Simpson
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